Cornwall Music Service  


It has long since been my belief that the learning of a musical instrument and the social, intellectual and globally acknowledged skills that accompany such creative experiences add far more to a youngster's future makeup than any other single subject.

After many thoroughly rewarding years working with countless numbers of students, seeing the County Music Service rise to earn national accolades in recognition of its comprehensive instrumental teaching, it remains to be seen whether support for this uniquely tailored field of educational development will be sustained, following the 'unification of Cornwall' and ever-tightening national austerity measures.

These web pages, last updated in January 2010, reflect the optimism and dedication of its core staff members of that time, and are preserved merely as an archive of a bygone period of teamwork and faith in both the subject and the administration.

I trust that here in Cornwall, where music thrives in its local Brass Bands and Male Voice Choirs, we will not fail those otherwise unable to receive such thoroughly worthy community-based music-making, and continue to provide every opportunity to participate in the very highest quality of instrumental learning whilst still in school - as it traditionally has been - at an age when the discovery and development of musical skills and appreciation is at its most important.

Paul Carter (June 2012)

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